It’s been a while…..

Things have been hectic and life took hold and shook me good over these past 2 months. If this post ends up sounding a bit whiney, then I will apologize  now and will not feel bad in the least if you want to call it quits right now. We are sitting smack dab in the […]

Winter Joy

This morning dawn bright and cold. Everything was guilded by layer of frost. It looked magical yet somewhat bleak at the same time. You know that winter is not far off when the frosts start to make their appearance. Winter. As a season it heralds in the joyous occasion of Christmas, yet it also, for some, brings with […]

eclipses & treading water

I sit here with my iPod on shuffle (a little Will Smith, Sugarland, Train, etc), a turkey and pastramie wrap in front of me and wonder how I let myself get here. By here, I mean, in a funk, one that borders on mild depression. One that I had sworn I had overcome. Perhaps it’s […]


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