WIP Wednesday

Hey all! I’m resurrecting WIP Wednesday today.  WIP stands for work in progress and boy do I seem to be collecting them. The month of May has found me buried in my bedroom with a crochet hook in one hand, yarn in the other and a project draped over my lap. If you’ve been following […]

A Christmas Tradition

This time of year is rife with tradition. Every family has them, whether its a favorite dish served up on  Christmas day, what gets put in the stockings, orwhere you spend it.  Some of our traditions include opening gifts Christmas Eve, making croquette, and attending the late service at church on Christmas Eve in order […]

on Keno, Lights, & Talent

Last night I went out for dinner with my Dad.  A rare happening, but always welcome.  We ended up at a local pub called Jack’s Public House.  Dad was salivating over their clubhouse sandwich before we even got there.  It was my first time there, and we were welcomed warmly and told to sit wherever we […]


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