A BIG Week

Its been a big week in our home.  Between car problems, birthdays, and a wedding things have been busy and in some instances expensive. We have a new person in our home on a more or less permanent basis.  My neice moved in this past weekend and we are in the process of trying to […]

a new season

Today is that last day of school for my kids. Until September that is (evil chuckle). Today also marks a new season for the Henter household; I will officially have all 3 of my kiddos in high school. Wow. I sit here a wee bit stunned at that. They’ll be in grades 8, 10, & […]

on friendship…sorta

Graduation. That final goal of your mandatory academic career. The pinnacle of your high school years. So much pomp & circumstance. It’s a bit crazy. Last night was the first big high school graduation ceremony that I have ever attended. Yes, I did graduate from high school, but my graduating class, waaay back when, had […]

on early morning writing, grad and letting go

Where to start…where to start….  I know, COFFEE!!!  Be right back…. Okay, coffee cup is filled, house is sleeping (even the dogs), and I’m in front of my computer (yes, its turned on); now it’s time to write. But what? I’m feeling the sluggish cogs of my brain slowly grinding away, clanking every now and […]


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