Babe, Man, Saviour

Lights glitter in the darkness….on the house across the street. Christmas songs play merrily….at the mall. The air is rife with anticipation….everywhere but in your heart and mind. Oh forlorn wretch Fighting darkness, Fighting the overwhelming urge to crawl back under the covers. Life feels overwhelming to you, Fear taking foothold You talk, you fight the best […]

Mt Baker, Budgets and Wisdom

This morning’s commute was one of those ones that made me grateful to be alive.  The air was cool and crisp with the promise of warmer temperatures. The sun was shining and there were signs all around that fall was indeed on its way.  Trees had started changing color and they looked half dressed for a […]

Holes, bear tracks, and healing

Two weeks ago I reported that my youngest child, my daughter Hannah, may have a hole in her retina. Yesterday, she went to the ophthalmologist and the diagnosis was confirmed. Soooo not what I wanted to hear. How does a 12 year old get one of those?? I don’t know…if I did I’d make pretty […]

the 12 inch road

I got some news Monday afternoon that I’m still trying to process. Good and bad.  Oh it’s nothing too too bad, but it was enough to shake me a bit and to start me going through a whole series of “what ifs”.  Not necessarily the best head space to be in, hence the missed posting […]


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