Eschet Chayil! Who…Me?

“You are a woman of valor!”  These words were spoken to me not too long ago and at the time I had to almost physically restrain myself from looking behind me. Me? At the best of times I feel more like a small brown field mouse. Timid. Shy. (Don’t laugh too loudly at that) Definitely […]

Three Score and Ten

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He is and always has been one of my heroes. Today he has hit a another mile-stone number – 70.At a family breakfast to celebrate him this weekend, we got to talking about where he was born – a small town in the Netherlands, right in the middle of World […]


Growing up my dad was my hero, and I guess that’s as it should be. A dad sets the tone and standard for who his daughter dates, and eventually marries. I know mine did, and in some ways my husband is very much like my dad. My dad came to Canada from the Netherlands when […]


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