Mt Baker, Budgets and Wisdom

This morning’s commute was one of those ones that made me grateful to be alive.  The air was cool and crisp with the promise of warmer temperatures. The sun was shining and there were signs all around that fall was indeed on its way.  Trees had started changing color and they looked half dressed for a […]

A BIG Week

Its been a big week in our home.  Between car problems, birthdays, and a wedding things have been busy and in some instances expensive. We have a new person in our home on a more or less permanent basis.  My neice moved in this past weekend and we are in the process of trying to […]

on early morning writing, grad and letting go

Where to start…where to start….  I know, COFFEE!!!  Be right back…. Okay, coffee cup is filled, house is sleeping (even the dogs), and I’m in front of my computer (yes, its turned on); now it’s time to write. But what? I’m feeling the sluggish cogs of my brain slowly grinding away, clanking every now and […]


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