It’s as it should be…

I was at my daughter’s grade 7 farewell evening last night and got to talking with people. Okay, maybe there was a little moaning and groaning involved, after all it’s not everyday that one sees their baby move onto high school (yes, we’re still there apparently). I watched as she was part of a 3 […]

a new season

Today is that last day of school for my kids. Until September that is (evil chuckle). Today also marks a new season for the Henter household; I will officially have all 3 of my kiddos in high school. Wow. I sit here a wee bit stunned at that. They’ll be in grades 8, 10, & […]

You Are My Sunshine…

It’s Friday and the sun is shining…doesn’t get much better than that. For the past few weeks we’ve had nothing but overcast skies and rain, not so fun if it’s June and you’re expecting sunshine. But, hey, it’s shining now; best take advantage of it while we can. Sunshine, most people love it and everyone […]


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