on when a smooch becomes a cuff

A few weekends ago was the Victoria Day long weekend here in B.C.  In my family, this traditionally heralds the inaugural trip to Green Lake to prep the cabin &/or trailer for the summer. It is looked forward to with much anticipation, at least on my part, as it marks the beginning of the season […]

of cars & camping….

We almost got a “new to me” car and she was a beaut!  A 2001 Expedition and we could pay for it in full (a happenstance that was truly exciting)!  She was immaculate to look at…a real ‘purdy’ SUV.  She had, according to the dealer, gone through 2 safety inspections…what could possibly go wrong?! As […]

Hello world it’s me…roller coaster and all….

Hello world its Me, and I’m really kinda nervous about this whole thing.  It’s been on my heart to try to create something that includes a lot different things, including food, God, bright moments, community, and so on.  Not sure how that is all going to look like yet, but I’ve the heard the journey […]


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