Oh Help

Today finds me feeling raw. Tears have threatened at the most inopportune times. It seems the harder I try to control my emotions, the more they threaten to break free. How unfair is that?! You see, yesterday I spent the majority of my day doing laundry. No big deal right? Wrong. The purpose, other than […]

Trust Me….

Last week’s post was harder to write than I thought it would be. It seemed all so straight forward yet, the process of putting down ‘on paper’ was a difficult one. As I thought about what had occurred I remembered a picture (if you will) that had come to me while I was engaged in […]

Thankful Thursday

Here we are at the end of January already. January has flown and tomorrow we will be in a new month, and a new holiday. As I look back on the month I found that for my family it has been a difficult one, perhaps even a bit dark.  Oh, not dark as in depression dark, […]

I Miss You

Yesterday marked your 69th birthday. Oh how I wish we could’ve celebrated with you. To see you smile, laugh and to hold you once more. I miss you. The ache of your loss still makes my throat close, and tears to well. When you left us to fend for ourselves here on earth, you left a […]

Oh Canada

Canada The nation of my birth. The nation that I love and have an American sized pride in. Today she celebrates 145 years since her birth and she stands as grand, and as stately as ever. Her inception was based on Psalm 72:8 “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, And from the […]

the 12 inch road

I got some news Monday afternoon that I’m still trying to process. Good and bad.  Oh it’s nothing too too bad, but it was enough to shake me a bit and to start me going through a whole series of “what ifs”.  Not necessarily the best head space to be in, hence the missed posting […]


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